Cadeau / Gift

Gift certificate for new parent

Includes Dr. Hafileti’s Energy Principles for Parents and visit to baby’s room to verify subtle energies present

Jeunes parents, offrez-vous un diagnostic complet reprenant l’analyse de la maison et des pièces vitales comme la chambre des enfants.

Notre tarif inclus une visite de 1 heure à votre domicile, un livre du Docteur Hafileti pour comprendre les principes energetiques entre parents et enfants (en anglais).


About the gift certificate



60 Euros/hour

within 40 km of Chantilly

Includes detection and remediation of geopathic zones

Detection and remediation of :

– underground streams of water, fault lines, radon, mineral deposits and other sources of geopathic stress

– electromagnetic pollution

– Strong emotional imprints and presence of ghosts

– Hartmann and Curry lines


with Raymedy bioresonance technology

60 Euros/hour

– Verification of 12 meridians, left and right side of body

– Thermographic scan for detection of parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi, geopathic stress, emotional imbalance, chakra imbalance, toxic chemicals, miasms, etc

– Energy balancing with 1,000 patented pulsed electromagnetic frequencies